Unit 8 How people feel

It seems redundant to say that we are emotional creatures, but that what this weeks reading is about. Everything we encounter has some affect on how we behave throughout our daily lives. Facial expressions have a big impact on us as we go through our day. Walking down to street there is usually two or three awkward moments when you lock eyes with a stranger, most often people will try to look away or ignore you to some degree. However, that one person that actually decides to smile back, creates a pleasing reaction and eventually a chain reaction of others being put into a positive mood. One point in the reading that I found interesting was how we enjoy the anticipation of an action more than just the act itself, which speaks to our nature of wanting everything to be how we imagine. The study of giving people either water or juice without notice of which is which led people to anticipate the juice but be disappointed when it turned out to be water. We always try to anticipate and fabricate what we imagine to be right for us, but most of the time end up being disappointed. It is a similar theory when we design interface, people have a certain set of conventions that they imagine being present, when they aren’t, the user is not satisfied. When you do present both the common conventions and quality design, then you have success.

Unit 8 How people feel

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