Unit 6 What motivates people

This weeks reading brought some interesting points to light. Being that we are all creatures of repetition and habit, we normally don’t think that doing or experiencing things that are out of our comfort zone would necessarily bring us joy, but it does. Everyday we fall into repetitious traps that trick our minds into thinking we can expect what happens next. These expectations can sometimes aid us, but a lot of the time it leads to false expectations and disappointment. Having small shifts in the order of our day, or even the order of how you get your coffee in the morning can lead to a release of dopamine, and an improvement in your mood. The reading also reminded us that we are extremely lazy and need things in small doses. The majority of us do not read all of the text on a page at will, we scan first, which makes it that much more important to create hierarchy in layout.

Unit 6 What motivates people

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