Project 2 project statement & schedule


The Hit it Here Cafe began as one of the staples of Safeco Field (home of the Seattle Mariners). The restaurant gives fans the opportunity to dine at a 4 start restaurant while getting a prime view of the game. The restaurant’s name is inspired from the fact that it is located in right field on the second level (home run territory).


As of now, the restaurant follows the generic branding of the stadium. Though the restaurant is separated from the ballpark and requires you to buy tickets/reserve seats, it is tough to say that they even carry a brand. The goal of the re-brand is to give the restaurant a unique identity in order to revive the business, and compete with the other restaurants/dining areas that have opened up around the stadium.

Target Audience

The target audience for this re-brand is bachelors/single people, between the ages of 21-34.


Week 6 – Present core concept / Sketches / Process / Progress

Week 7 – Present progress & possible collateral

Week 8 – Present full project with completed identity and progress on collateral

Project 2 project statement & schedule

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