Unit 5 How people focus their attention

Just as everything we do in life, our brains seem to be operating with a different set of priorities. Humans (and our brains) are creatures of habit. While we witness certain things in our daily lives, we become used to the parts that stay consistent from day to day. Because of this consistency of certain parts of our lives, we start to tune out the parts that we don’t recognize. In this same aspect, we begin to lose our attention span at some point in the information gathering process. Giving people to many options to get through on a website, displaying information in an un-conventional way, are both examples of ways to lose peoples attention and make for a less-successful design. Just as we can lose peoples interest by clutter, people are drawn to action and movement, so it can be a fine line. Food, sex, and danger are the biggest attention grabber’s for users because these aspects speak to our animal nature.

Unit 5 How people focus their attention

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