Unit 2 How people read

The question of what typeface to choose for a particular project can be an eternal search. A huge part of the search is deciding which font is most legible. While we may choose a certain typeface for the web based on our preference, studies have shown that the shapes of letterforms can affect the speed of a persons reading. For instance, we recognize the descenders and ascenders of lower case words much faster than we do all capital letters because of the variance of shapes. It’s the same school of thought when talking about display fonts. It is much harder for us to read a fancy script font because we aren’t used to the letterforms that they present. The way our eyes jump across sentences is called “Saccade”, this is our eyes trying to complete sentences before we have finished them, in order to speed up the process. “Fixation” is the areas that our eyes jump to in order to recognize the word structure.

Unit 2 How people read

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