Thesis response 1

Reading this thesis gave me a great sense of understanding for what the newer, and older (more successful) cafe’s branding is going for. Over my life as a designer (all of 3 years) it has become a necessity for me to get out and work in different environments so I don’t end up being too comfortable. Through going out and working in different areas it is clear that everyone has the same idea, “I need to get out and experience a different environment for the sake of creativity, or even sanity”. Working on a group project last quarter I was an eye witness to this desperate need to be in a social (and somewhat antisocial) environment. While in the middle of discussing problems/solutions with the group we noticed that there seemed to be 5 yr. olds running laps around the cafe, with no sort of parental supervision. After trying to ignore the children, I see that there is a group of 6 mothers with strollers who had entered the cafe (this was at 8 p.m). Because of the welcoming and homey feel that the cafe had, the women felt perfectly fine with making themselves at home and letting their children and cares run free. And because everyone else in the establishment was so comfortable, no one seemed to care and went about their business. The brand spoke for itself, because it allowed every person to be completely comfortable with what they needed to do, while also providing good product. On the other end of the spectrum. A new cafe around the corner from my house has begun to serve alcohol, as well as have tv’s with the nights biggest sporting even. The ability to cater towards exactly what the target audience needs is what makes the place successful. College kids are able to grab a beer and study, graduate students are able to grab a latte while they write a paper, instead of having to go to the bar after work you can go to a quiet establishment and watch the clippers game with your choice of quality beverage. It’s all about catering towards your audience.

Thesis response 1

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