week 7 reading

When designing for mobile instead of web, there are a lot more considerations that you have to go over. First you need to design for the needs of the user, or in other words be kind to the user. Using the right size screen, not over designing, and making sure everything loads in a timely manor, can make a huge impact on how much your application is used.  Falling under the same guidelines as being kind to the user is making sure that everything is mobile friendly. There are always certain pieces of information that can be sacrificed, or need to be sacrificed when moving from web to mobile. When this transition happens the user needs to be able to find all of the information, whether this means giving a link to the web page or creating more pages in the mobile page itself. In todays world we also are faced with the dilemma of flat design. Though flat design looks very attractive and is functional in most cases, the division of attributes can be lost. Before flat design, the design of buttons and links came with a level of flash, this allowed for all the attributes to be divided clearly. When using flat design, you must keep in mind that the division of attributes and how the user is going to navigate through your site.

week 7 reading

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