unit 6 reading

Personally, I believe that flat-design is here to stay for a very long time. The fascination with Skeumorphism came with the expanse of creative technology. When apple released it’s IOS concept for the interface, people where amazed and enjoyed what new graphics technology can create, we all wanted to live in the false reality that was our interface. Now with flat-design emerging, we see a smoother connection through different interfaces on a multitude of devices. With flat design everything is much more cohesive between designers, as well as making the world turn faster because we aren’t being tricked by bevels and light-sources.

For the APP design project, we will be using the ios7 guidelines mainly for communication purposes. When the user is browsing applications, you only have several seconds to catch their attention, I feel that flat design gives the best opportunity to communicate what you need.

unit 6 reading

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