unit 2 reading

The biggest part of designing a web page is creating an environment that the audience can easily find their way through, as well as keeping their attention. Though every once and a while someone is able to start a new trend that catches on, humans are creatures of habit, this means that we expect certain attributes to be in the same place every time. An example of keeping things consistent is having your navigation at the top right or center. Though it is possible to design a page with original navigation, people will usually go directly to the top of the page to find the navigation.

Another huge part of designing a web page is creating hierarchy throughout. Making sure that the audience is seeing what they need to see at the right time can make or break your site. Along with making sure objects are the right proportions, it’s a must that you limit needless text. People never want to whey through all of the information you have to offer, it’s important to get to the point and keep your audience on your site.

unit 2 reading

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