unit 1 reading assignment

Being designer’s we constantly have to keep in mind how people view our work, because after all that is who we are designing for, the audience. When creating a web page or app, hierarchy is a major part of how the viewer chooses to navigate the page. This hierarchy that we create can make or break the user experience.

As human beings we naturally take the easiest route. When we are trying to navigate a homepage of an app or webpage, our eyes naturally visit the options that we think will help us the most. This natural navigation is something that we have to pay attention to in order to get the costumer what they want.

Another big part of creating a usable and friendly interface is making things apparent to the user, creating a “no-nonsense” sense of design. Users need to know what and when to click. Links need to be shown as clear links, and buttons should be self-explanatory.

unit 1 reading assignment

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